Upcoming Events

February 24-25

NSDA Heart of Texas District Tournament (Westlake / Bowie HS)

  • National Qualifying Tournament for the NSDA National Tournament in Alabama.
  • Mr. Holland will choose which students may participate; entries are limited.

March 8-12

TFA State Tournament (Plano, TX)

  • All qualified students** must plan to attend.
  • **To qualify, students must accumulate at least 12 TFA State Points in at least one TFA event.
    (Click here for TFA Squad Report.)

March 24-25

UIL District Tournament, Bowie High School (Austin)

  • Mr. Holland will choose which students may participate.
  • Events available: Prose Interp., Poetry Interp., LD Debate, CX Debate, Persuasive Speaking, and Informative Speaking.
  • Limited to three entries per category.
The Competition Season Begins! Lake Travis Tournament (08-27-16)

Ready to Start Our Season!
Lake Travis Tournament (08-27-16)


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